Welcome to Déacraft! May Déa bless you!

Now, you may be wondering, just who is Déa? Well, let me tell you that Déa is God, but not the God you might be familiar with!

Déa is the feminine word for God in Latin. In English, unfortunately, there is no equivalent, God is a masculine word and is perceived and related to as purely masculine.

Of course, you could call Déa the Goddess. That is good enough for every day use, but the term ‘the Goddess’ implies that there is a male deity to whom She is subordinate to. But that is not the case.

The Goddess, or Déa, has long been seen in The Craft as the Mother of the gods, which can only mean one thing – That She is God Herself. And yet Her legacy has been forgotten and unfairly appropriated to the masculine.

Only females can create, only females can birth life. Only females have a womb that nourishes growing souls and likewise only Déa has the true power of manifestation and creation. Déa is God, and Déa created all.

Déa is our Mother, and She is also our Saviour. Déa is both transcendent from her creation and yet intimately entwined within it as the World Soul. Déa is our breath of life, and Déa is whom we will return to when that breath leaves our earthly bodies.

Déa is ultimately One, and yet the Divine sparks of Her Spirit animate every living thing, and the universe itself. And Déa’s power and Her will infuses all of Her creation with magick and wonder that we can connect to and learn to create with in Her name.

That is what Déacraft is. Déacraft is the thealogy of Déanism with the practice of The Craft, an adventurous blend of a revived faith and the old religion. It is the wisdom of our foremothers remembered.

So, if this sounds interesting to you, feel free to stick around and learn more as I explore this wondrous path I have found myself on.

By the Life, the Light, and the Love that is Déa. Blessed is She!